Intensive Driving Courses

The skills you need to be a safe, confident driver can be learned quickly and effectively through intensive courses. Spend less time on individual classes with the costs that include all lessons and your dedicated booking agent. 

The best of all worlds are intensive courses, which are quicker than conventional lessons while still being convenient to fit into your schedule. Your skills will gradually advance, ensuring that you are prepared for your driving exam.

6 Reasons to do Intensive Driving Courses

  • Spend more time learning to drive and less time travelling.
  • Lessons are flexible, no matter how busy you are.
  • Receive top-notch instruction from a nearby, DVSA-approved instructor.
  • Take advantage of easy pickups at your home and workplace.
  • You pass your driving test a few weeks after booking!

Lessons take place on successive days when learning at a fully intensive pace. This might be demonstrated by taking 4 hours per day for 10 days. While many of our students have found success with this strategy, we recognise that not everyone will.

Semi-Intensive Driving Courses

Many elements of an intensive course are present in semi-intensive courses, although at a slower pace. Although only once or twice a week, you might take longer driving lessons. Alternately, you could only attend sessions for a few hours at a time, several times per week.

Because of this, semi-intensive courses are adaptable and can be tailored to every learner. The secret is finding the balance that works for you so that you may still pass far before the regular waiting hours!

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