Driving Lessons Cost in Your Area

Driving Lessons Cost in Your Area

Have driving lesson costs in your area gone up? When was the last time you checked other instructors’ prices before booking a driving lesson? Keep reading to find out what you can do if your driving lessons cost has increased recently.

Remember the average learner driver needs 47 lessons and 22 hours of private practice, according to the DVLA, to pass their test.

Driving lessons cost

Driving is without a doubt one of the most important life skills you will ever learn. However, it’s also true that getting your licence requires spending money. However, while the process of the theory and practical tests is the same all over the UK, the cost can differ tremendously.

In order to determine how much driving lessons cost where you live, let’s look at current costs and some of the factors that contribute to price variation.

UK Driving Lesson Costs

Average driving lesson price

£31 per hour

Lowest driving lesson price

£15 per hour

Highest driving lesson price

£44 per hour

Manual driving lesson price

£25 per hourManual driving lesson

Automatic driving lesson price

£28 per hour Automatic driving lessons

Why Do Driving Lesson Prices Vary?

According to research from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, the average cost of driving lessons in the UK is £31.50 per hour. This varies depending on where you live. In Swansea, for example, you can get driving lessons for as little as £22 per hour. But in Brighton and Hove, the cheapest driving lessons might set you back around £44 per hour.

It’s really straightforward: instructors are free to set their own prices. Natural fluctuations consequently enter the market with ease. This is especially possible in places with a shortage of instructors because there may not be as much competition and costs may stay high.

Additionally, there is little incentive to significantly undercut the market in locations where prices are already high. The rural-urban split is a popular issue. There might not be much competition and only one or two possibilities for pupils seeking driving instruction in less populated regions of the nation.

The least expensive average rates were in Greater Manchester, at £23.95, followed by West and South Yorkshire. At £28.94 per month, Surrey’s rates were the highest in the country, closely followed by Hampshire and Berkshire, two nearby counties.

Meanwhile, the news for London students may be better than anticipated. This is due to the fact that although driving lesson rates in the capital are higher than the national average, the gap is not very wide. In fact, Greater London’s rates are more comparable to those in Cheshire and Derbyshire than its south-western neighbours!

3 Steps To Get the Best Driving Lesson Prices

Get the Best Driving Lesson Prices
  1. Here in the UK, automatic lessons are becoming more and more popular, but they are still more expensive than manual ones. Automatic instructors might anticipate increased overhead expenditures as a result of their higher purchasing costs, fuel consumption, and maintenance expenses. Therefore, learning while driving might be quite expensive. In this case, driving a manual car is frequently less expensive. Furthermore, if you pass, you’ll be able to drive either a manual or an automatic, unlike the others whose licences only allow them to drive automatic cars.
  2. Driving lesson prices from instructors in the same location may vary by more than £10 per hour. This can result in savings of hundreds of pounds if you make the proper decision, given that the average learner needs about 47 hours of practice to be ready for their driving test.
  3. Driving is usually only covered in traditional courses for around an hour every week. As you might expect, this means spending a lot of time going over the same material again, which can make learning go slowly. In contrast, an intensive course condenses your learning into a shorter amount of time. This frees you up to concentrate on acquiring new skills and consistently updating your knowledge.

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