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Hello and welcome to FQ Driving Academy, a free driving lesson and theory test resource website for learner drivers.

Francis Quarm - FQ Driving Academy Founder

My name is Francis Quarm, and I’m the founder of FQ Driving Academy.

At FQ Driving Academy, our main goal is to help learner drivers, drivers of all ages and abilities with helpful driving lessons guides that are easy to understand to improve their driving skills.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

“How do I know when I ‘m ready to take a driving test?”
“How do I book a driving test?” “What will I be asked to do during my driving test?”
“What’s the best way to prepare for a driving test
“How can I keep improving my driving after I pass?”

Or if you have any other questions about Driving a Car, Driving Lessons or Car Theory Test… You’re in the RIGHT place!

Most of the content is my experience as a driver, an instructor – the other specific information like Learning to Drive or Car Theory Test comes from the DVSA (the people in charge of driving and licencing in the UK).

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