Test Cancellation Finder

Have you recently failed your driving test? Do you need test cancellation finder?

Through our partnership with DTC4All, you can now get discounted unlimited driving test cancellations until you pass.

Test Cancellation Finder

If you don’t have time to check yourself, then we consider using our partnership program for this service. And it’s at a discounted price.

How Driving Test Cancellation Finder Works

1. Book a test with the DVSA

If you haven’t already booked your next driving test, you can book it on the DVSA website.

To allow changes to your test, you must have a test booked with the DVSA that can be changed online.

2. Pay & setup your cancellation account

Pay a one-off fee of £15.00 for your cancellation here.

Once your payment is received, you’ll receive an email to fill in a quick and easy account setup form and get as many test cancellations for as many changes as you need until your next test!

You can choose test centres and dates/times when you would like to take your next test and also dates and times you cannot make it. You’ll be able to specify up to 5 test centres.

If there are times of day when you don’t want a test – for example, if you’re not a morning person you can now let us know!

3. Wait for cancellations

DT4All will search test centres every few minutes to find tests that match your preferences. Once they find one, you’ll be notified by text and email.

They find early test dates for almost all their customers – good luck!

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