The Benefits of Driving for Mental Health

Driving has more advantages for your mental health than you would realise, including a sense of independence, the opportunity to connect with friends and family, and increased closeness to nature.

We were interested in what effect having a driver’s licence has on one’s well-being. We looked into the research and also asked about the kinds of drives you love the most, how driving has or would benefit your life, and your all-time favourite adventures. Here is what we discovered.

The Journey

It’s vital sometimes to get somewhere quickly. But by far, the majority of you who responded to our Instagram survey chose scenic routes over the shortest distance, and rural travel over the drab, grey freeways.

We are all aware of the enormous benefits that being in nature has on our well-being. However, even viewing the great outdoors via your windscreen is beneficial for you because it has been demonstrated that taking in the beauty of natural landscapes and enjoying them has a positive impact on mental health. If it’s warm enough to open the windows, it’s even better because the fresh air, as well as the sounds and scents of the countryside, enhance your relationship with nature.

In addition to offering breathtaking views, driving on country roads is frequently more pleasurable than spending hours on the motorways. As you become used to the turns and speed differences that you won’t often experience on freeways, you’ll notice that your brain is more stimulated.

Therefore, if there is a green area, a coastline road, or farmland you can travel through, allow yourself a few more minutes and choose the scenic route.


Numerous scientific research has connected mental illness with loneliness. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many people believe that community and a sense of connection are important for fostering happiness.

When considering travelling to visit loved ones, expensive and frequently unreliable public transportation is discouraging. On the other hand, if you have trouble packing lightly, getting in a car can be exciting, spontaneous, and a far easier method to transfer your things!

People can literally come together while driving. And Instagram followers backed up on that: more than 90% of you claimed that getting your driver’s licence will lead to frequent visits to friends and family. It’s time to start organising your upcoming vacation.


Independence, which refers to the power to make your own decisions, is an important factor in preserving well-being. On the other hand, there is a higher risk of poor mental health when persons experience some loss of independence, such as owing to physical or cognitive decline.

One of the most important ways we may practise independence is by driving. It’s remarkable how having access to a vehicle makes even the smallest tasks easier, including deciding when to do a major shop, dropping by a buddy at the last minute, attending appointments, and doing errands. The world is your oyster, so to speak; you are not dependent on anyone else’s convenience or goodwill to get you where you want to go.

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