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In order to prepare for the driving test, you will need to experience a variety of traffic junctions while learning to drive. You will almost definitely have to deal with a variety of crossroads throughout your driving test.

The junctions guide will walk you through all of the different sorts of junctions and how to deal with them so that you may not only drive safely but also pass your driving test.

T-junctions exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and examiners during the driving test are particularly vigilant when it comes to proper junction technique. This comprehensive guide will assist not just new drivers, but also foreign drivers who aspire to sit the UK practical driving test.

Approaching Junctions

One of the most crucial components of approaching crossroads while learning to drive and throughout your driving test is how you approach them. Crossroads and roundabouts, in addition to the usual T-junction, are also types of junctions, and how you approach them depends on whether they are ‘open or closed,’ as driving instructors and examiners refer to them.

How to find a Junction

Incorrectly approaching junctions is a popular way to fail the driving test. During the test, it’s critical to find a junction as soon as feasible. Many beginner drivers are unaware of an approaching junction until it is too late, resulting in the need to brake too hard, stopover the give way line, or require the examiner to utilise dual controls. This is because of a lack of proper observation.

Look for evidence of a junction up ahead while driving. The triangle Give Way warning sign, a Stop sign, or traffic lights are all examples of this. Try looking for additional signs of a junction, such as automobiles passing in front of you up ahead, or give way road markers and lines. For examples of road signs, go to the UK road traffic signs section. If you want to turn left or right, you’ll need to use the MSN sequence (mirror, signal, manoeuvre). In the next section, we’ll go through this routine in more detail. 

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See also: give way road markings 
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