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MSM (Mirror Signal Manoeuvre)

You’ve probably heard of the driving manoeuvre Mirror Signal Manoeuvre, or MSM for short because it’s commonly employed while training someone to drive.

MSM Routine

Although MSM looks to be a simple method to utilise while driving, it is used in many aspects of driving and is used, or should be used, far more frequently than it is.

While instructors may not directly teach the Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine as much these days, it is still an important element of learning to drive. The ‘Manoeuvre’ element of MSM has been renamed PSL or Position Speed and Look to provide for a more thorough definition of the term Manoeuvre.

During your Driving Test

The examiner will expect the MSM process to be followed throughout the driving test, and because it is the single most critical driving routine, failure to do so will almost probably result in a failure.

This driving practice, if followed consistently and correctly, will not only improve your chances of passing the driving test but will also ensure a much safer driving career in the future.

MSM Routine

Although the following information may appear self-evident, if all drivers followed the MSM protocol, a large number of accidents would be avoided. The following instructions must be followed when performing the mirror signal manoeuvre:

  • Before driving off
  • indicate
  • before making any changes in direction, such as turning left or right, overtaking other cars or cyclists, or changing lanes,
  • before making any speed changes.

This can also include a rise in speed, since a car may try to pass you while you accelerate. What’s more crucial is when you’re slowing down or coming to a stop, whether in traffic or while parking.

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