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What’s an Urban Clearway?

What does an Urban Clearway sign mean?

In built-up regions, you can typically find Urban Clearway road signage. Some times are stated at the bottom of the sign. The Urban Clearway sign is meant to inform you that, unless you are picking up or dropping off passengers, you are not permitted to stop your car on the road or at the side of the road during certain times.

There won’t be any additional road markings to go with the Urban Clearway road sign. Instead, you’ll typically see Urban Clearway signage spaced out along the clearway, and as you get to the conclusion, a sign that reads “end.”

Urban Clearway road signage.

Can you park in an Urban Clearway?

Parking is permitted, but not during the hours specified on the road sign. The times shown on an Urban Clearway sign are often during rush hour. This permits the free flow of traffic along the road during rush hours but yet permits overnight and quiet-time parking.

Keep in mind that free parking on the urban clearway isn’t always guaranteed outside of the times specified. You might need to display and pay.

Contravention code 46C, which includes parking in a clearway while a vehicle is stopped for loading or unloading or while a blue badge holder, must be broken, and you risk receiving a fine. However, this knowledge is useful for more than just remaining compliant with the law. Make sure you are comfortable with Urban Clearway limits because it can come up on your theory test.

Clearway Restrictions

Depending on the sort of sign that is posted, there may be clearway limits. One type of clearway road that you can encounter is an urban clearway.

A 24-hour clearway is another typical kind. Most people refer to the 24-hour clearway sign as a “No Stopping” sign. This has a red cross on a blue circle:

No Stopping

If you see an Urban Clearway sign that doesn’t include any times, you can stop and park there outside of those periods, but if you see a No Stopping sign that doesn’t include any times, you can’t stop or park there at all.

A vehicle may stop in a designated parking space or on the verge if doing so does not block the main carriageway when you see one of these signs because they apply to the main carriageway of the road they are put on.

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