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Defensive Driving

What does it mean to drive defensively? The definition of defensive driving differs from standard driving practice in that a defensive driver employs crucial observational abilities to foresee potential hazards and prepares for them ahead of time.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving also makes use of important abilities to improve fuel economy, vehicle wear, and time on the road. The level of defensive driving varies significantly, and it can be self-taught to improve one’s basic driving skills or taken as part of a professional driving course led by qualified specialists.

Benefits of Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a type of advanced driving that improves a driver’s ability to anticipate probable dangers or collisions. As a result, the chances of an accident occurring, whether due to your own fault or the fault of other drivers, are greatly decreased.

Stress management is taught as part of a defensive driving curriculum. This will entail pre-planning journeys to reduce undue stress and, if required, the utilisation of alternate routes.

These variables will mostly certainly preserve a driver’s licence free of endorsements like speeding due to stress. A full no claims bonus will, of course, result in lower vehicle insurance prices.

Defensive Driving Techniques

Many defensive driving skills can be learned without taking formal training. Many of the driving test tutorials on the FQ Driving Academy website will be beneficial to all drivers, not just learners. Because they are up to date on safe driving procedures, learner drivers are technically better drivers than the majority of drivers on the road today. A learner driver, on the other hand, lacks experience. Unfortunately, once most of us pass our driver’s licence, those safe driving habits are quickly forgotten.

Self-improvement in driving does not necessitate reverting to your learner driver status; instead, simply apply the safe driving skills that you were taught when studying for the practical driving test.

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